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Yemen Italian Aluminum. Co. Ltd., Automatic Doors, Glazed Fire Resistant Doors, Ceiling Lighting and Ventilation System, Building Façade System, False Aluminum Ceiling, Structural Glass System, Bullet-Proof Glass Windows, Louvers ventilation and Sun breakers, Warehouse Structures System, Stained and Domed Glass System.. Main Key System

Declaration of Stained Glass

Yemen Italian Aluminum Company Ltd. (YEMITAL) announces the addition of a new Stained Glass section to be the first of its kind in Yemen. YEMITAL in cooperation with the Syrian company known as Sofia, whom was founded in Damascus since 1979. Sofia has spread its business in the Middle East for a long time and now in Yemen .

Yemen Italian Aluminum Company Ltd. (YEMITAL) was founded in 1993, as an investment project between Al-Sadi Trading Group (TAG) and Italian investors in order to import, manufacture and install of various types of aluminum and glass according to the highest specifications standards of an international quality. YEMITAL now provides exclusively different Italian aluminum forms, such as R40, R50, R50s, as well as French aluminum type TECHNAL, German type CHOCO and also as well as various types of stained, or un-stained, rigid, anti bullet glass with the highest specifications, measurements and sizes. In addition to that, YEMITAL is the agent of Saudi American Glass.
Our Business YEMITAL business includes a broad range of all of the aluminum and decoration that is described later in this profile. YEMITAL has been keen since its beginning on getting the finest materials and high-tech machines and equipment, engineers and designers as well as skilled workers whom are trained and experienced of foreign and local high-standards, so that we can implement all the works and designs required by our clients, that may be unable for others to implement. Today YEMITAL is a leader in the Republic of Yemen in the field of aluminum and glass works, especially of Italian origin, French and German. Currently we prepare of all final executing designs and drawings and giving technical advice required to work in any project, import, manufacture and install, according to the latest and highest international standards. As a leading and first company in Yemen, YEMITAL implemented hundreds of projects in the public and private sectors such as palaces, villas, buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and factories in all different provinces of the Republic of Yemen. Our products have been designed to provide comfort, safety and beautiful view since it has many features, such as (Air and Water Leakage prevention, and thermal and acoustic insulation) Our company is constantly striving to develop, expand their areas of work and increase the efficiency of its members with fundamental objective of access to provide better customer services to our valued customers. YEMITAL likes to thank its customers for their trust. We are pleased to welcome all the customers in the company's headquarters, exhibition in Sana'a, at Baghdad Street to inform them of the various activities and products that we offer.


Our Vision

To be pioneers in the field of our business and service. To be excellent the selection of our partners with global expertise. To work according to the latest modern technology, considering our customers, community and environment.

Our Mission

To be distinguished in our expertise. To have always our clients full satisfactions and to meet their desires.
To meet our partners expectations, by using the most and best human skills and technical resources.
The highlight of our company performance is to reflect our duties fulfillment and obligations to the community


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